Advancing the Field of Quantitative Finance
formerly the IAFE


Event: ICBI's 12th Annual Ri$k Management 2005
Date: December 6 - December 9
Crowne Plaza, Geneva Switzerland

Description: Topics and Speakers include:

- How Can the Integration of Neo-Classical Finance, Behavioral Finance and Transaction Cost Finance Help Us Understand Asset Pricing & the Design & Dynamics of Financial Institutions? Robert Merton, John and Natty MacArthur University Professor, Harvard Business School and IAFE Senior Fellow

- Face to Face: Risk Management 2005 Interview, Myron Scholes, Managing Partner Oak Hill Capital Management and IAFE Senior Fellow

- The ICBI 12th Annual "Financial Minds" Roundtable: Let a Thousand Models Bloom? Are Models Still Relevant, How Should We Use Them and What Kinds of Idealized Assumptions Do They Make? Chaired by Emanuel Derman, Professor and Co-head, Financial Engineering Prograam, Columbia University and IAFE Senior Fellow

- New Research in Modeling CDOS, John Hull, Professor, Univeristy of Toronto, and IAFE Senior Fellow