Advancing the Field of Quantitative Finance
formerly the IAFE

Event: Algorithmic Trading: How Do We Really Know It Works?
Date: October 11
Time: 6 PM
Goldman Sachs
120 Fleet St.
Progress Apama

Description: The IAFE Technology Committee is pleased to announce a new event in London.


Algorithmic Trading: How Do We Really Know It Works?

This event will be held in London.

Panelists include:
David Cliff, Syritta Algorithmics
Andrew Freyre-Sanders, Head of Algorithmic Trading, JP Morgan
Marcus Hooper, Global Electronic Trading Solutions, Bear Stearns International, Ltd.

Moderated by:
Randy L. Grossman, Financial Insights, an IDC Company

Topics include:
- What is the development process for the average trading algorithm?
- What are the key attributes of an effective algorithm?
- How are algorithms tested prior to release?
- What types of data are needed for development and testing?
- How should an algorithm's performance be measured?

Sponsored by Progress Apama

Registration will begin at 5:30, with the panel discussion at 6:00 and a reception to follow at 7:30.