Advancing the Field of Quantitative Finance
formerly the IAFE


Event: IAFE Annual Conference: Challenges for the Asset Mangement Business
Date: June 3
Time: 8 am Registration; Program runs from 9 am to 5:45 pm
Bear Stearns
383 Madison Avenue
RiskMetrics Group


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IAFE Annual Conference:
Current Challenges of the Asset Management Business

Thursday, June 3, 2004
hosted at Bear Stearns, New York City

Sponsored by RiskMetrics Group

8 am
Generously sponsored by Egenera
IAFE Annual General Membership Meeting

9 am
Opening Remarks
Richard Lindsey, President, Bear Stearns Securities Corp. and IAFE Chairman
Presentation of the Tanya Styblo Beder Prize

9:15 am
Keynote Speaker
Darrell Duffie, James Irvin Miller Professor of Finance, Stanford University & 2003 Financial Engineer of the Year
"What is the Expected Return for Bearing Default Risk? Evidence from Default Swap Markets and MoodysKMV Default Probability Estimates."

10:15 am
Alternative Strategies for Achieving Diversification
Moderator: Hal Lux, Managing Director, Paloma Partners
Panel: Tanya Styblo Beder, CEO, Tribeca, Citigroup, Philip N. Duff, CEO, FrontPoint Partners, and Peruvemba Satish, Chief Risk Officer, DKR Capital

11:15 am
Mid-Morning Break
Generously sponsored by Moody'sKMV

11:45 am
Institutionalization of the Hedge Fund Business
Moderator: Mark Yusko, Chief Investment Officer, University of North Carolina
Panel: Mark Anson, Chief Investment Officer, CalPERS and IAFE Board Member, Jolyne Caruso, President Andor Capital Management, Carrie A. McCabe, President, McCabe Advisors, Gregg Berman, Head of Institutional Business, RiskMetrics Group

12:45 pm
Kindly sponsored by Bear Measurisk

2:15 pm
Asset Allocation
Moderator:Mark Anson, Chief Investment Officer, CalPERS and IAFE Board Member
Panel: Martin Leibowitz, Managing Director, Morgan Stanley, and Edgar J. Sullivan, Managing Director, Absolute Return Strategies, General Motors Asset Management

3:15 pm
Mid-Afternoon Break

3:45 pm
Alpha, Beta, Schmalpha
Moderator: Leslie Rahl, President, Capital Market Risk Advisors and IAFE Board Member
Panel: Cliff Asness, Managing and Founding Principal, AQR Capital, and Andrew Weisman, Managing Partner, Stratavarius Capital Management, LP

4:45 pm
Looking Forward in the Mutual Fund Industry
Moderator: Charles A. Fishkin, Vice President, Firmwide Risk, Fidelity Investments and IAFE Board Member
Panel: Steven Buller, Americas Director of Asset Management ServicesErnst & Young, Thomas A. Chapin, Principal, The Vanguard Group, Maureen Donovan, Partner, White & Case

Closing Remarks

Wine & Cheese Reception
Generously sponsored by Beauchamp Financial Technology